Monday, June 04, 2007

Pilgrimage Journal- Final part 2

FINAL EXAM—SEMESTER 2--- Pilgrimage Journal



1. Go to your next stop.

2. Go to this link: and explore books that were written in the medieval period. Then, pick a book you find interesting from the synopsis and write the name of this book in your answer.

3. Then find a location at your stop that you are visiting (like a historical landmark, garden, church/temple, library, etc) and write an entry in which you find the book you like from the above site. Where do you find it? What do you do with it? (be specific and use your imagination—your discussion should be several paragraphs).



  1. You have made it to your final destination (phew!).
  2. Please summarize what you did to get from the last stop (medieval books) to your final destination…this could include having to cut your trip short in order to get there.
  3. Do some mild research on your final destination. You will need to bring a minimum of three pics from your place to the final exam.
    1. one pic showing physical geography
    2. one pic showing historical landmarks
    3. one pic showing a spiritual/religious place of interest (temple, shrine, mosque, etc)

  1. Attach and label pics to your journal. Provide an explanation about what you did while you were at your final destination. What have you learned while on your journey?

Please bring this page, plus your journal and any other item you need to complete your entries, to the exam.

You *may* complete the Medieval Books entry at home, but the final stop entry should not be completed until the exam time.

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