Thursday, January 11, 2007

Final Exam Question # 2

PJ # 9-- Mosques of the World

1. Go to your next stop (after Gardens of the World)
2. Go to archnet (link below) to choose a mosque CLOSEST to your stop.
3. Print several pictures to put in your journal.
4. Answer the following questions in NARRATIVE format as if you are touring the site:

a) Name of mosque/place
b) Describe your experience in the mosque (what does it look like inside/out; what do you think about it, etc)
c) How is this mosque similar or different to the mosques we have studied in class?
d) Which FEATURES of the mosque did you find particularly interesting? Why?
e) In what ways does this mosque resemble other places of worship that YOU have visited in your life?
f) Have a conversation with a muslim you meet in your mosque. What FIVE things have you learned while visiting this mosque (and meeting this person)?

(2 pages minimum excluding photos)